Take simple steps for sustainable living in an apartment

We all know that sustainable living isn’t just the trend of yesterday or today, but it is one choice that needs to be made every day for a tomorrow that the coming generations can enjoy on this planet we call home.
If you are living in a gated community apartment and are not sure of how you can help save the planet, here are a few pointers that will help minimise the carbon footprint with a bit of savvy.

Unplug over usage

The smallest yet impactful step that you can take is unplugging electrical appliances after use. Maintaining an optimal usage of electrical energy reduces energy consumption. When done daily this will make a big difference in terms of energy consumption and financial savings.

Reduce waste

Try to reduce the number of packaging you bring home, especially the plastics that you carry. You can switch to a cloth or jute bag while you go shopping or use steel, wood, or glass utensils instead of plastic; this will last longer and help reduce waste.

Plant more indoor plants

You don’t need vast space to maintain a garden; a kitchen windowsill is more than enough to plant nutritious plants. It is proven that indoor plants improve air quality by eliminating benzene, xylene, toluene, trichloroethylene, and formaldehyde.

Nothing goes for a waste

The STP and WTP systems help in the efficient usage of water, making the best use of this valued resource. The treated water can be used for gardening and other washing purposes outdoors.

Recycling Matters

If you are in a situation where you have to buy a plastic commodity, choose to buy recyclable plastic. Recycle the things that can be recycled and used in one way or another, thus helping to reduce waste.

Give Portable Solar A Try

Installing a small solar panel in your flat lets you use renewable energy for small purposes. It might not be possible to install a permanent one, but portable solar panels available in the market, make it easy and convenient for your immediate usage, and they are travel friendly too.
That said, choosing a community that is framed toward sustainable development matters a lot. Among the many luxury residential spaces here are some Flats in Gundlapochampally from Primark’s Econest, homes nestled in the lap of green. The 2 & 3 BHK gated community is crafted with an infrastructure that is aligned with sustainable development by reducing overconsumption, wastage, and usage of non-degradable commodities. The serene-ecologically friendly neighbourhood is a promise for a better future.

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