About Primark Projects

A history of integrity and excellence

Primark's vision is simple: to create high quality, design-led apartments in premium locations. The results are exceptional residences that stand the test of time.

With superior finishes and a focus on craftsmanship, our residences provide the ideal lifestyle. As a fully-integrated developer, our team ensures that the potential of each development

is fully realised – from outdoor spaces to light-filled interiors and timeless design.

With every development, we consider what its future residents would need and want. Working closely with leading architects, designers and planners, we build places they will be proud to call home.


At Primark Group, we have over 10 eventful years of experience behind us and the vision to build excellence. We are committed to building homes that are attached to open spaces and greenery.

Our quality approach shows in every detail - from the façade to the interiors, the infrastructure to the landscaping.

Our Core values


Less is more

Primark recognises the long-term advantages of creating happy customers, which means shifting focus from maximising a "rupees" yield to maximising a "liveability" yield.



Rather than delivering the market norm, Primark opts for lower density developments that provide more amenity/liveability. Innovative design and out-of-the-box thinking help extract maximum value.


Buyer Value

Primark's aim is to leave something on the table for every purchaser in terms of value. From the outset, the emphasis is on your purchase being worth more at settlement than when signing the contract.



End users should have the ability to shape their purchase to suit their needs and personality. That's why Primark tailors interiors to suit the buyer.